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Coming in October

Ackroyd, Peter. The Case of Victor Frankenstein
The story of Frankenstein written in Victor's Frankenstein voice, where Mary Shelley and Shelley are characters.

Alexie, Sherman. War Dances

Ammaniti, Niccolò. As God Commands

In an economiclly depressed town, a father and son struggle to get by. When the son tries to change their fortunes, everything will take a turn for the worse.

Armstrong, Kelley. Frostbitten
Werewolves, Elena Michaels and her husband Clay, travel to Alaska to track down a pair of rogue man-eaters. 

Baca, Jimmy Santiago. A Glass of Water
Lorenzo and Vito are the sons of Mexican immigrants. After their mother's brutal murder, one inherits his father's work ethic and the other becomes a notorious boxer.

Bernhardt, William. Capitol Offense
Professor Dennis Thomas asks defense attorney Ben Kincaid to defend him on a murder charge that hasn't happened  yet.

Byatt, A.S. The Children's Book

Caputo, Philip. Crossers
After losing his wife in the 9/11 tragedy, Gil returns to his family's Arizona home.  As Gil starts to rebuild his life, he learns that he can't escape his family's past and the legacy of his fearsome grandfather.

Connelly, Michael. Nine Dragons

LAPD detective Harry Bosch sets out to investigate the murder of the owner of his local liquer store.  He must call in for support from the Asian Gang Unit.

Evans, Richard Paul. The Christmas List

Gabaldon, Diana. An Echo in the Bone

Seventh volume in the Outlander series about 18th century Scotsman Jamie Fraser and his 20th century time-traveling wife, Claire Randall.  Jamie, a rebel in the American Revolution, must face his son, a lieutenant in the British army.

Grass, Günter. The Tin Drum

Hage, Rawi. Cockroach
A self-described thief is ordered to therapy after a failed suicide attempt and must confront his past.

Johansen, Iris. Blood Game: An Eve Duncan Forensics Thriller

Kellerman, Jonathan. Evidence: An Alex Delaware Novel

When a Georgia senator’s daughter is found murdered, and her body drained of blood, Eve Duncan is drawn into the web of Kevin Jelak—a serial murderer who is on Eve’s short list of killers who might know something about her missing daughter.

Bonnie.Lethem, Jonathan. Chronic City

Chase Insteadman, a former child start finds himself in the tabloids again when his astronaut fiancé, who is trapped in a space station, is diagnosed with cancer.

Parker, Robert B. The Professional: A Spenser Novel

Spenser is hired to investigate a man who has affairs with rich women and then blackmails them.

Powers, Richard. Generosity: An Enhancement

A geneticist is determined to research the genetic basis of an Algerian woman's joyfulness. 

Pratchett, Terry. Unseen Academicals

Football, food, fashion and wizards collide in Pratchett's 37th Discworld novel.

Rice, Anne. Angel Time: The Songs of the Seraphim

Toby O'Dare-a contract killer, who once wanted to be a priest is offered a second chance by a mysterious stranger and is transported back to 13th century England.

Roslund, Anders & Börge Hellström. Box 21

Lydia and Alena embark on a dangerous journey to expose and seek justice against those who  held them captives for three years.

Sandford, John. Rough Country

While competing in a fishing tournament in a remote area of northern Minnesota, Virgil gets a call from Lucas Davenport to investigate a murder at a nearby resort, where a woman has been shot while kayaking.

Shreve, Anita.  A Change in Altitude
A climbing trip to Mt. Kenya goes fatally wrong for a group.

Steel, Danielle. Southern Lights

Manhattan D.A., Alexa Hamilton is trying to convict a serial killer when she starts receiving threatening letters.  She must decide whether to keep her daughter with her or to live with her ex-husbands family in the South.

Sussman, Paul. The Hidden Oasis

Freya Hannen travels to Egypt to bury her sister Alex, a former CIA agent.   Doctors say that Alex died from a morphine overdose, but Freya is suspicious because Alex had a fear of needles.

Vanliere, Donna. The Christmas Secret

A struggling single mother saves the life of a department store employee.  Now the owner's son must find her. 

Walls, Jeannette. Half Broke Horses

Lily Casey Smith, the author's grandmother, has a hard life, but her indomitable spirit shines through.

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