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Better Than Google

LearningExpress Library is one of the most valuable databases we have.  In my opinion, it is an undiscovered treasure that every patron should know about and use often.  You will find it on our business database page, and also on the students page, and sign in with your New City library card.
  Whether you are a fourth grader who needs extra help in math, a college graduate preparing for the GRE, or looking to acquire or refresh computer skills, LearningExpress is the place to go.  The database is made up of e-books, courses, and practice tests.  In the comfort of your own home, or the library, you can learn new skills, and polish up old ones.
 The computer skills module is my favorite, because it teaches computer skills that every employer seems to expect in new hires and current employees.  The tutorials are fun and effective and LearningExpress will track your progress.  In these difficult economic times, you don't need to invest in classes, pricey software, or tutors, it is all here, ready for you at your convenience.  LearningExpress does an excellent job of updating its content and offers a cornucopia of assistance on many levels and subjects. I suggest you give it a try and you will discover that it is much better than google.


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