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New Speculative Fiction for June 2012

New to our shelves:

The King's Blood by Daniel Abraham (2, Dagger and the Coin) F
The Croning by Laird Barron H
Xeelee: An Omnibus by Stephen Baxter (1-4, Xeelee) SF
      (contains Raft, Timelike Infinity, Flux, and Ring)
Powers by James A. Burton F, M
Invincible by Jack Campbell (2, The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier) SF
Jack of Ravens by Mark Chadbourn (1, Kingdom of the Serpent) F, A
The Burning Man by Mark Chadbourn (2, Kingdom of the Serpent) F, A
Nocturnes by John Connolly H, M
Undead and Unstable by MaryJanice Davidson (11, Queen Betsy) H, R
The Road of Danger by David Drake (9, RCN (Leary/Mundy)) SF, M
Orb Scepter Throne by Ian C. Esslemont (4, The Malazan Empire) F, M
Blackout by Mira Grant (3, Newsflesh trilogy) H, SF
Kiss the Dead by Laurell K. Hamilton (21, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter) H, R, M
Zombie Island by Lori Handeland (2, Shakespeare Undead) H, R
Nebula Awards Showcase 2012 by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel, eds.
      (Nebula Awards Showcase) SF, F (SF Nebula)
After the Fall, before the Fall, during the Fall by Nancy Kress SF, A
Hemlock Grove, or, The Wise Wolf by Brian McGreevy H, M
Railsea by China Mieville F, SF
Princeps by L. E. Modesitt (5, Imager Portfolio) F
By the Blood of Heroes by Joseph Nassise (1, Great Undead War) A, SF, H
Liminal States by Zach Parsons SF, A, M
The Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers A, SF (winner, Arthur C. Clarke Award 2012)
Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh (11, Psy/Changeling) F, SF, H, R
Shadow's Master by Jon Sprunk (3, Shadow) F, M
Winning Mars by Jason Stoddard SF, A, M
The Slab by Karen Traviss (5, Gears of War) SF
The Serpent Sea by Martha Wells (2, Books of the Raksura) F, SF

In paperback:

Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander (1, Nightshifted) F, H, R
Lies & Omens by Lyn Benedict (3, Shadows Inquiries) F, H, M
Courageous by Jack Campbell (3, The Lost Fleet) SF
Year's Best SF 17 by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, eds. (17, Year's Best SF) SF (Pbk-SF Year's)
Cursed by Benedict Jacka (2, Alex Verus) F, M
Night's Engines by Trent Jamieson (2, The Nightbound Land) F, H
Exogene by T. C. McCarthy (2, Subterrene War) SF, R
Strangeness and Charm by Mike Shevdon (3, Courts of the Feyre) F, H

Other new titles of interest:

The Battle of Blood and Ink by Jared Axelrod with Steve Walker (1, The Flying City) SF (741.5973 Axelr)
100 Months: The End of All Things by John Hicklenton H, F (741.5941 Hick)
American Vampire, Vol. 3 by Scott Snyder, with Rafael Albuquerque & Sean Murphy, illus.
      (3, American Vampire) H (741.5973 Snyde)
The Watchers by Jon Steele H, M (Fiction Steele)

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