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What's Cooking?: Ice Pops

I do not have a sweet tooth.  Sweets just don’t do anything for me except to add more weight.  I will quickly add that I have an affinity for savory and salty foods.  At parties, you would find me scouting for those chips; especially the kettle potato chips…love that double and triple folded crunch.  As you can see, I am getting away with the topic at hand talking about my own food weakness.  However, the sweets that I do prefer include ice cream and ice pops.  It’s hard to resist these lightly sweet treats that are so refreshing especially in the summer months.  I don't even mind it in the cool weather.

The ice pops bring back a lot of memories when I think of making them in those funny shaped molds for my kids.  I still have my Tupperware molds somewhere in the kitchen.  Ice pops were simple then.  We used juice as an alternative to those store bought dyed sugar water with artificial flavorings that are still in the market.   Now the ingredients in these homemade frozen treats are so exciting, exotic, and gourmet.  They are coming out with healthy ice pops made with nutritious ingredients like yogurt, tofu, wheat germ, quinoa, nuts, flax seed, almond butter and even balsamic vinegar.  Refined sugars are replaced with agave nectar, honey, coconut sugar or no added sweetener.  The ice pop cookbooks show an array of fruits and flavorings used.  Just think about mangoes, melons, coconut flakes, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, tarragon, fresh mint and cilantro in creating these icy treats.  There are tea pops using a variety of teas like lemongrass, jasmine, ginger, lavender and chamomile.  Imagine rhubarb, squash and pumpkin; assortment of beans, and edible flowers in these ice pop recipes.  Wow!

Homemade ice pops sound like a fun and easy project for parents and kids as the school year winds down and summer approaches.   Looking at these books inspires me to create one of my own - red beans with coconut flakes and a touch of honey in a frozen creamy vanilla yogurt.  It’s not a bad idea for us grown-ups to have a “make your own ice pop night”.   Without the kids around, spirits such as cognac, gin, and vodka can be added into the pops for the adults…be sure to identify which ice pops are alcoholic!   So how creative can you be?

Ice Pop Joy by Anni Daulter

My Sweet Mexico by Fany Gerson

Paletas by Fany Garson

People’s Pops by Natalie Jordi, David Carrell & Joel Horowitz

Ice Pops by MathewTelulsky

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