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Better Than Google

Sources of information come and go in the library.  Reliable print sources are replaced by their on-line versions.  Less and less is available in print.  In fact, users of Morningstar will be sad to learn that by the end of the year, it will no longer be available in print in its award winning (yes, there really are awards for binders) binder.
  One source of information has always been trusted implicitly by both librarians and patrons, and that is Consumer Reports. We still keep the April car issue at the reference desk, and it still gets used.  When Consumer Reports became available on-line, it was through a subscription that was not available to public libraries.  When they decided to make their content available on line through a vendor, many companies vied for the honor of leasing its content, and the contract went to EBSCO.  We have finally decided to add the on-line version to our family of databases, even though we were able to access the content through another EBSCO product. To access Consumer Reports, go to our database page and click on the "Business" tab.  Scroll down, and you will find it. Consumer Reports is a snap to use on-line, and has enhanced features, such as a user forum, where you can read comments from people who have purchased the products discussed.  You can also create a comparison chart of several products at once, to simplify decision making.  The convenience of having this unique source at home only adds to its value.  Our library is dedicated to finding ways to make your information seeking easier, faster, and more convenient, and on-line access to Consumer Reports will accomplish that.  By the way, we are keeping our print subscription of Consumer Reports, as well. No matter which format you prefer, you know you will say this is "better than Google."

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