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Genealogy Abounds

Join the Genealogy Society and library staff on Saturday, May 19 starting at 10:30. First you will meet author and genealogist Greta Nettelton who talks about how she researched her family. She found Cora Keck was a piano prodigy from Davenport, Iowa whose coming-of-age story turns all our stereotypes about Victorian gender relationships upside down. Cora’s mother was a self-taught itinerant physician and the proprietor of Mrs. Dr. Keck’s Palatial Infirmary for All Chronic Diseases, and her father was a bankrupted farm mechanic who kept house for the couple’s six children. Mrs. Dr. Keck sent her daughter to Vassar’s School of Music in 1884 to keep out of trouble and find a proper Ivy League husband but Cora defied everyone’s plans, first enjoying a series of romantic affairs with her classmates and later eloping with one of her mother’s business partners, a 63-year old banker. Greta found Coras's diaries and papers and began piecing her family history.

Bring a bag  lunch and the library will have beverages. There will be genealogy chatter while we eat. After that beginning at 1:00 PM, members of Genealogy Society of Rockland will offer simultaneous talks about essentials of researching. Each talk will last approximately 15 minutes and then you can move to another table talk. Topics include cemetery records, census, vital records, record keeping and a look at the Rockland Room.

Please join us.


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