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Service Update Revised

My previous blog gave a long explanation about hold pickup dates.  I also mentioned that our new software system keeps evolving; well it evolved a bit more today so I pulled that post.  Here is the most current explanation of what happens when your hold becomes available at the library.  All holds generate a wrapper with the first 4 letters of your last name and the last 4 digits of your barcode.  The item is wrapped, banded and shelved that day.  Email notices go out the same day and include a pick up until date. As of February 6, all reserves will be held for 5 days from the day they become available.  If you are notified by our automated phone system, the call is placed the day after a hold is available and remains on our shelf for 4 days from the date of the call.  Starting February 6, Roboguy will give you a pick up date.  If you check your account online, place your mouse over the green exclamation point.  You'll see the date the item became available and you have 5 days from that date to pick up your hold.  By now most of you know how to find your hold on the shelves in the lobby.  If you decide not to take the item before checking it out, rather than drop it in a return slot bring it to the desk.  Staff needs to be sure the item is removed from your account or else it might just go back on hold for you.  Right, it's evolving.  AV items have wrappers also so staff at that desk might ask for your library card to help them locate your hold.   One more tip, please remember to press 'Print Receipt' at the self checks.  This closes your account and prevents the next person from accidentally checking out material on your card.  



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