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Beyond Books - In the Movies

So, you may be asking, what does the audiovisual librarian for the New City Library do on her Christmas vacation break?  She goes to the movies, of course!

Over this past vacation I got to see several movies. Here are my thoughts and comments on five new movies (in alphabetical order):

The Descendants - I agree with the critics on this one; I thought it was a winner.  George Clooney is wonderful as the father/husband who has to come to terms with the way he has led his life and the choices he has made in the past.  His growing recognition of what he is and what he now needs to be for his family makes for a  wonderful film.  His older daughter, played by Shailene Woodley, gives a terrific performance also.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Having seen all three of the Swedish films, I was looking forward to seeing the American version. I'm happy to report that the first film of the trilogy definitely is as good as the Swedish one.  Actually, it's a little easier to follow since you're not busy reading subtitles.  I loved Noomi Rapace as Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish film.  Rooney Mara was also wonderful though, I thought, slightly less sinister than her Swedish counterpart. Definitely worth seeing this one even if you've seen the Swedish version.

Shame - This film got an interesting review in the N.Y. Times but I had to go to the city to see it.  It is also rated NC-17 so I don't know if it will come to Rockland.  In any case, a disturbing film about a man addicted to sex and what happens when his sister, Carey Mulligan, comes back into his life.  This movie is excruciating in how slowly the action unfolds.  Not an easy film to watch and one I would only recommend to individuals who don't mind seeing fairly explicit sexual encounters on the big screen.

Sherlock Holmes - In a few words - not as good as the first one.  I do agree with the critical consensus on that.  The special effects lose some of their potency when repeated this time around.

Young Adult - I was especially anxious to see this film since a good portion of it was filmed in Clarkstown and New City.  The high school boyfriend's house (which was supposed to be in Minnesota) was actually filmed around the corner from where I live.  Sad to say, the critics liked this a lot more than I did.  While Charlize Theron is wonderful as the girl who is still reliving her high school glory years, the story line is just too implausible for me to accept.  Since it was written by Diablo Cody (who wrote the screenplay for the movie Juno) I thought the story would be much better than it was.

That's it.  I hope you enjoyed my short reviews and will see some of these movies either in the theater or when the DVD comes to your New City Library Audiovisual Department. A happy and healthy New Year to all!!





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