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Better Than Google

What are your New Year's resolutions?  Many people use the new year as a clean slate to embark on all kinds of self-improvement projects.  Losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising more, learning a new language...Hey, stop, we can help you with the last one (actually the library can help with all of them, but let's concentrate on learning a new language).  We have a great on-line language learning product called Mango Languages.  When Rosetta Stone stopped selling its on-line database to libraries, we scrambled to find a suitable replacement, and we found Mango.  Their program is fun, effective and easy.  You'll have the choice of Mango Basic, which covers 49 languages, including Farsi, Korean, Mandarin and Croatian, as well as ESL courses for specific language speakers.  Mango Complete. for the more advanced learner, has 44 languages, and includes ESL courses as well.  A new product is Mango Mobile Library Edition which works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Mango has been proven to be an effective way to learn a new language, and we have many satisfied users. Mango focuses on words and phrases that will be the most valuable in common, real-life situations for each specific language and culture. Vocabulary words are taught through conversation, rather than just a list, to help users understand context and make the most of their time. Mango takes pronunciation to a whole new level, helping learners speak more accurately and conversationally. I'm sure you will be delighted at the  rapid progress you will make with Mango,  so, give it a try!  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!

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