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New Music Releases, December, 2011

Adams, Ryan.  Ashes & Fire                                    MR ADAM AAF C21

Allyson, Karrin.  Round Midnight                            MJ ALLY RM C66

Anthem Lights.  Anthem Lights                              MG ANTH AL P82

Beethoven.  Fidelio                                                  B BEET FID D51

Benson, George.  Guitar Man                                   MJ BENS GM C99

Bieber, Justin.  Under the Mistletoe                         R BIEB UTM D23

Bjork.  Biophilia                                                        MR BJOR BIO N40

Blink-182.  Neighborhoods                                       MR BLIN NEI D93

Blue Highway.  Sounds of Home                               MC CLUE SOH R07

Bocelli, Andrea.  My Christmas                                   R BOCE MC D80

Boyle, Susan.  Someone To Watch Over Me               MA BOYL STW S52

Buble, Michael.  Christmas                                          R BUBL CHR R54

Casting Crowns.  Come To The Well                            MG CAST CTT R62

Celtic Thunder.  Storm                                               Q CELT STO C60

Chenoweth.  Kristin.  A Lovely Way To Spend Xmas    R CHEN ALW S56

Clarkson, Kelly.  Stronger                                            MR CLAR STR N01

Coldplay.  Mylo Xyloto                                                MR COLD MX C53

Cole, Freddy.  Talk To Me                                             MJ COLE TTM H25

Committed.  Committed                                              R&B COMM COM E35

Connick Jr., Harry.  What A Night: A Xmas Album        R CONN WAN S20

Derulo, Jason.  Future History                                     MR DERU FH W59

Dion, Celine.  These Are Special Times                          R DION TAS F23

Drake.  Take Care                                                        MR DRAK TC C26

Dream Theater.  A Dramatic Turn of Events                 MR DREA DTO R70

Florence & The Machine.  Ceremonials                          MR FLOO CER U04

Gill, Vince.  Guitar Slinger                                             MC GILL GS M06

Grusin, Dave.  An Evening With Dave Grusin                 MJ GRUS EWD H9

Hall, Daryl.  Laughing Down Crying                              MR HALL LDC V27

Il Divo.  Wicked Game                                                   MA DIVO WG S48

Indigo Girls.  Beauty Queen Sister                                MR INDI BQS I90

Isaac, Chris.  Beyond the Sun                                       MR ISAA BTS V11

Jane’s Addiction.  Great Escape Artist                           MR JANE GEA C12

Jayhawks, The.  Mockingbird Time                                MR JAYH MT R13

Joe.  The Good, the Bad, the Sexy                                R&B JOE GBS K20

Keith, Toby.  Clancy’s Tavern                                        MC KEIT CT S18

Lambert, Miranda.  Four the Record                             MC LAMB FTR R89

Lang Lang.  Liszt, My Piano Hero                                  GP LANG LMP S41

Legend, John.  Wake Up                                               R&B LEGE WU G82

Liszt, Franz.  Summer Night Concert: Schonbrunn        EA LISZ SNC D11

May, Imelda.  Mayhem                                                  MR MAY MAY D25

McCartney, Paul.  Ocean’s Kingdom                               C McCA OK H50

Mutemath.  Odd Soul                                                    MR MUTE OS W51

Presley, Elvis.  Christmas Duets                                     R PRES CD R79

Rihanna.  Talk That Talk                                                R&B RIHA TTT D42

Rollins, Sonny.  Road Shows: Vol. 2                              MJ ROLL RSV E97

Schoenberg, Arnold.  Schoenberg                                 EA SCHO SCH E52

Stone, Joss.  Best of Joss Stone – 2003-2009              R&B STONE BOJ V46

Switchfoot.  Vice Versa                                                 MG SWIT VV A07

Various.  Slow Grind                                                      R&B COLL SG R93

Various.  WOW Hits 2012                                              MG COLL WHT E20

Various.  The Goat Rodeo Sessions (Yo-Yo Ma)              F COLL GRS S18

Various.  Essential Now Christmas                                 R COLL ENC U98

Various.  Today’s Country Christmas                             R COLL TCC S14

Various.  Glee: The 3D Concert Movie                            L GLEE GTD C65

Various.  Anything Goes ( New Broadway Production)  K ANYT AG G45

Various.  Footloose (Motion Picture Soundtrack)          L FOOT FOO A47


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