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Introducing Automated Calling

At this time of year we think back on those deserving of our thanks.  Circulation Services would like to recognize our wonderful volunteers who over the years have given so generously of their time to phone our customers when reserve items are available at the library.   On December 8th, the library expects to go live with a new intergrated library system and for the first time all Ramapo Catskill libraries will have the ability to deliver holds pickup information via an automated calling system. Our customers will be part of this new and exciting experience.

Your message will include the last date the item is being held and the name of the library that is holding it.  When placing a request you will be able to select a pick up location, choosing any RCLS library.  This is a convenient option for those who work in Orange County or near another Rockland library.  As now, titles are not available on a phone message. You can access all your account information from our website. If you normally receive pickup information by email, there should be no interruption of service; you will still receive title information, due date reminders and Fine Print, our monthly newsletter. Those who get only text messages will experience a period of no service.  We will try to contact you the week before we go live.  

So thanks to our callers for their time and dedication to the library.  We hope the transition to the new software system will be seamless, but please be patient as we all get used to the new technology.

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