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Mystery Audiobooks for October

CD Mystery Brandman
     Robert B. Parker’s Killing the Blues
by Michael Brandman.  Read by James Naughton.  4 discs.  4+ hours.

BCD Mystery Brown
     Hiss of Death
by Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown.  Read by Kate Forbes.  6 discs.  7+ hours.

BCD Mystery Clark
by Carol Higgins Clark.  Read by Michele Pawk.  5 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Mystery Clark
     I’ll Walk Alone
by Mary Higgins Clark.  Read by Jan Maxwell.  8 discs.  9+ hours.

BCD Mystery Davidson
     Crunch Tim
e by Diane Mott Davidson.  Read by Barbara Rosenblat.  13 discs.  16+ hours.

BCD Mystery Dorsey
      Electric Barracuda
by Tim Dorsey.  Read by Oliver Wyman.  9 discs.  11+ hours.

BCD Mystery Evanovich
     Smokin’ Seventeen
by Janet Evanovich.  Read by Lorelei King.  5 discs.  6+ hours.

BCD Mystery Jance
     Betrayal of Trust
by J.A. Jance.  Read by J.R. Horne.  8 discs.  9+ hours.
     “The creaky-kneed Seattle detective and his third wife, Mel, both working for the Washington attorney general's unfortunately acronymed Special Homicide Investigation Team, have to probe a potentially explosive scandal: shortly after the governor's stepgrandson's cellphone was found to contain a snuff film, the troubled teen hanged himself in the governor's mansion. ..Jance's denunciation of adolescent bullying and adult hypocrisy rings true, a testimony to the fundamental decency of cops like Beau and Mel who walk the mean streets the rest of their society would rather not explore except in fiction.”
      Publishers Weekly 5/23/11

BCD Mystery McCrumb
      The Ballad of Tom Doole
y by Sharyn McCrumb.  Read by Shannon McManus and Eric Dove.  8 discs.  9+ hours.
     “McCrumb (The Devil Amongst the Lawyers) delves into the history of the song made popular by the Kingston Trio. It's 1866 and no one in the mountains of North Carolina has been left unscarred by the Civil War. This includes the scores of walking wounded Rebel soldiers back from the war, but also the women they left behind, like Pauline Foster, whose encounters with soldiers and drifters have left her with a death sentence in the form of syphilis...Pauline nevertheless takes a job as Ann's housemaid while undergoing treatment nearby. Pauline sees patterns and understands connections that no one else sees, and she manufactures drama for her own ends-with tragic results. She is soon intimately involved in the romantic and sexual entanglements of Ann; Ann's husband, James, who Ann married for stability; Ann's lover Tom Dula, her passion from the time they were children; and the women's other cousin, Laura Foster, whose trysts with Tom lead to her murder.”
     Publisher’s Weekly  8/1/11

BCD Mystery Penny
     A Trick of the Light
by Louise Penny.  Read by Ralph Cosham. 9 discs.  12 hours.
     “Arrmand Gamache, chief inspector of the Montreal police force, and Beauvoir, his lieutenant,  are still healing physically and psychologically from a fatal police operation gone awry. But this doesn't prevent them from taking on yet another murder case in the secluded village of Three Pines. When resident artist Clara Morrow's solo show at Montreal's premier art museum causes a sensation in the art world, it sets into motion a series of events that expose the vicious jealousies of artists and dealers. Clara's joy rapidly gives way to perplexity when the body of her sociopathic, long-estranged roommate is found in her garden.”
     Library Journal 7/1/11

BCD Mystery Reichs
     Flash and Bones
by Kathy Reichs.  Read by Barbara Rosenblat.  6 discs.  7+ hours.
     “Forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan pulls a body from a landfill near North Carolina's Charlotte Motor Speedway... that involves right-wing militants posing as stock-car enthusiasts who seek revenge by injecting toxic microorganisms into socially undesirable members. To spice up this tangle of plotlines, Reichs has the stubborn Tempe display her voluptuous inclinations with fellow detectives and her vindictiveness with family members.”
     Library Journal 7/1/11

BCD Mystery Sandford
      Buried Prey
by John Sandford.   Read by Richard Ferrone.  9 discs.  11 hours.

BCD Mystery Woods
     Bel-Air Dead
by Stuart Woods.  Read by Tony Roberts.  6 discs.  7+ hours.

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