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Reservations 101

Technology allows us to place holds through our online catalogue or with a librarian.  New City members place thousands of requests each month.  The title you select is placed in a queue in the order it was received.  You might be 27th when you check the list, but just a few hours later you are notified that the item is here at the library.  How could that be?  The queue includes all requests throughout the RCLS system.  However, location, location, location is key.  New City members receive priority on our material.  When a requested New City owned item is checked in, the first New City member in the queue gets it. If all our copies are out, another library may be able to supply the title.  Also if we don't own the item, your request is sent to another library that does own it.  Our transit delivery system is an integral part of 'reserve fulfillment.'  Our library receives over 3000 items a month from throughout the system!

Sometimes items you request are here at the library on our browsing shelves.   Every weekday morning and later in the afternoon Circulation Services prints a request list.  Shelves are searched and requests pulled.  Customers are notified by phone, email or text and given a pickup date.  Holds are wrapped or tagged and then shelved.  Holds in the lobby are self service; holds in the Audio Visual Media location are behind the desk.

A great deal of work by staff, drivers and volunteers is involved in filling each request.  You can cancel items on your list that you no longer want or call here if you no longer need an item being held.  It will then be available for another customer. Circulation staff is available to answer your questions at (845)634-4997, ext 124 or 131.  

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