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NYC Vital Records

Many people come into the Rockland Room looking for NYC vital records of loved ones. I want to take a minute to explain why the request is not possible. All New York City records are in the city and all the rest of the state's vital records are in Albany.

To help you understand, there are three important sites to memorize.

1). NY City Muncipal Archives, located at 31 Chambers St, holds public records for birth, deaths and marriages. Birth records are public through 1909, deaths are public through 1948 and there is a 50 year restriction on marriages after the event happened. Apparently the archives will soon become part of the Dept. of Citywide Services.

2). City Clerk's Office holds the marriage licenses beginning 1930 to present. It is located at 141 Worth St.

3. NY City Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene holds non-public birth(after 1909) and death certificates (after 1948). This agency is located at 125 Worth St.

There are  several more exceptions to this discussion. For further information, go tp www.stevemorse.org; www.italiangen.org; www.germangenealogygroup.com. It will make more sense if you read through the whole description than just a few parts. Of course, the Rockland Room has books on the subject as well. International Vital Records is a handy way to copy the needed page and mail to the appropriate address. All  U.S. states and foreign countries are listed.



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