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New Audiobooks for April 2009


BCD Archer - Paths of Glory
by Jeffrey Archer. Read by Roger Allam. 9 discs. 11 hours. .

BCD Baker - Little Giant of Aberdeen County
by Tiffany Baker. Read by Carrington MacDuffie. 10 discs. 12 hours.

BCD Beckett - Genesis
Read by Becky Wright. 4 discs. 3+ hours.

BCD Boyle - The Women
by T.C. Boyle. Read by Grover Gardner.15 discs. 17+ hours.

BCD Brockmann The Kissing Game
by Suzanne Brockmann. Read by Donna Rawlins. 5 discs. 5+ hours.

BCD Brown Half a Heart
by Rosellen Brown. Read by Carrington MacDuffie. 12 discs. 14+ hours.

BCD Burroughs- Naked Lunch
by William S. Burroughs; the restored text edited by James Grauerholz and Barry Miles. Read by Mark Bramhall. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD Cussler - Corsair
by Clive Cussler with Jack DuBrul. Read by Scott Brick. 11 discs. 13+ hours.

BCD Donohue- Angels of Destruction
by Keith Donohue. Read by Cassandra Campbell. 12 discs. 12+ hours.

BCD Forster - A Room With a View
by E. M. Forster. Read by Joanna David. 6 discs. 7+ hours..

BCD Franklin - Grave Goods
by Ariana Franklin. Read by Kate Reading. 9 discs. 11 hours. .

BCD Gang - English
by Gang Wang. Read by Michael Sun Lee. 8 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD Hamilton - Laura Rider's Masterpiece
by Jane Hamilton. Read by Alyssa Bresnahan. 5 discs. 6 hours.

BCD Harrison - White Witch, Black Curse
by Kim Harrison. Read by Marguerite Gavin. 15 discs. 18 hours.

BCD Hegi - Stones From the River
by Ursula Hegi. Read by Kim Edwards-Fukei. 18 discs. 21+ hours.

BCD Science Fiction Herbert Chapterhouse Dune
by Frank Herbert. Read by Euan Marton, Katherine Kellgren, Scott Brick and Simon Vance. 13 discs. 16+ hours.

BCD Lee - The Piano Teacher
by Janie Y.K. Lee. Read by Orlagh Cassidy. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD Masello - Blood and Ice
by Robert Masello. Read by Phil Gigante. 14 discs. 17 hours.

BCD Mills - The Lords of Corruption
by Kyle Mills. Read by Kevin T. Collins. 8 discs. 9+ hours. .

BCD Moore- Fool
by Christopher Moore. Read by Euan Morton. 7 discs. 8+ hours..

BCD Oates - Dear Husband
by Joyce Carol Oates. Various readers. 11 discs. 14 hours.

BCD Palmer- The Second Opinion
by Michael Palmer. Read by Franette Liebow. 8 discs. 10 hours. .

BCD Patterson - Max
by James Patterson. Read by Jill Apple. 5 discs. 5+ hours.

BCD Perry - Runner
by Thomas Perry. Read by Joyce Bean. 11 discs. 14 hours.

BCD Rice- The Geometry of Sisters
by Luanne Rice. Read by Bernadette Dunne and Jaclyn Gaines. 9 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD Road - Road Rage Two novellas: Duel by Richard Matheson and Throttle
by Stephen King and Joe Hill. Read by Stephe Lang. 2 discs. 2+ hours.

BCD Roberts The Villa
by Nora Roberts. Read by Laural Merlington. 14 discs. 16 hours.
BCD Roberts- Vision in White
by Nora Roberts. Read by Emily Durante. 8 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD Robotham- Shatter
by Michael Robotham. Read by Sean Barrett. 13 discs. 14+ hours.

BCD Steinhauer - The Tourist
by Olen Steinhauer. Read by Tom Weiner. 10 discs. 12 hours.b>

BCD Swarup - Slumdog Millionaire
by Vikas Swarup. Read by Christopher Simpson. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD 153.83 Lehrer- How We Decide
by Jonah Lehrer. Read by David Colacci. 8 discs. 10 hours.

BCD 155.24 Johnson - Who Moved My Cheese?
by Spencer Johnson. Read by Tony Roberts and Karen Ziemba. 2 discs. 1+ hour.

BCD 302 Gladwell - Outliers: the story of successe
by Malcolm Gladwell. Read by the author. 7 discs. 7 hours..

BCD 303.372 Trout - The Empathy Gap: building bridges to the good life and the good society
by J.D. Trout. Read by the author. 8 discs. 9 hours.

BCD 303.49 FriedmanThe Next 100 Years: a forecast for the 21st century
y George Friedman. Read by William Hughes. 8 discs. 9+ hours..

BCD 332.024 Bach - Fight for Your Money: how to stop getting ripped off and save a fortune
by David Bach. Read by Bob Walter. 13 discs. 16+ hours .

BCD 332.024 Pond - Safe Money in Tough Times
by Jonathan Pond. Read by Dick Hill. 6 discs. 6+ hours.

BCD 338.278 Burrough - The Big Rich: the rise and fall of the greatest Texas oil fortunes
by Bryan Burrough. Read by James Jenner. 19 discs. 22+ hours.br>

BCD 338.542 Krugman The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008
Read by Don Leslie. 6 discs. 6+ hours.

BCD 338.542 Panic- Panic: the story of modern financial insanity.
Edited by Michael Lewis. Read by Jesse Boggs and Blair Hardman. 6 discs. 7 hours.

BCD 612.67 Weil- Against Medical Advice: a true story
by James Patterson and Hal Friedman. Read by Kevin T. Collins, prologue and epilogue read by Hal Friedman. 5 discs. 6 hours.

BCD 616.83 Patterson- Against Medical Advice: a true story
Read by Kevin T. Collins, prologue and epilogue read by Hal Friedman. 5 discs. 6 hours..

BCD 618.92 Hallowell- Superparenting for ADD: an innovative approach to raising your distracted child
by Edward M. Hallowell and Peter S. Jensen. Read by William Hughes. 4 discs. 5 hours.br>

BCD 636.0832 Grandin- Animals Make Us Human: creating the best life for animals
by Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson. Read by Andrea Gallo. 10 discs. 11+ hours.br>

BCD 646.7 Allen- Getting Things Done: the art of stress-free productivityby David Allen. Read by the author. 7 discs. 8 hours.

BCD 791.54 Gifford- Just When I Thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg by Kathie Lee Gifford
Read by the author. 4 discs. 4+ hours.

BCD 918.1104 Grann- The Lost City of Z: a tale of deady obsession in the Amazon. Read by Mark Deakins. 8 discs. 10 hours.

BCD 940.5318 Tec- Defiance: the Bielski partisans
by Nechama Tec. Read by Stefan Rudnicki. 9 discs. 11 hours..

BCD 956.054 Rosenberg- Inside the Revolution: how the followers of Jihad, Jefferson and Jesus are battling to dominate the Middle East and transform the world
by Joel C. Rosenberg. Read by Mel Foster. 16 discs. 19 hours..

BCD 965.7044 Galbraith The End of Iraq: how American incompetence created a war without end. by Peter W. Galbraith. Read by Alan Sklar. 8 discs. 9+ hours.

BCD 973.5 Reynolds- Waking Giant: America in the age of Jacksonby David S. Reynolds. Read by Arthur Morey. 13 discs. 15+ hours.

BCD B Curtis American Prince: a memoir.y Tony Curtis and Peter Golenbock. Read by Don Leslie. 9 discs. 10+ hours.

BCD B Fisher - Wishful Drinking
by Carrie Fisher. Read by the author. 3 discs.

BCD B Moaveni The Origin of Species
Honeymoon in Tehran: two years of love and danger in Iran.
by Azadeh Moaveni. Read by Carrington MacDuffie. 11 discs. 13+ hours.

BCD B Truman Harry S. Truman by Robert Dallek
Read by William Dufris. Includes a conversation with Robert Dalleck and Timothy Naftali. 5 discs. 6 hours..

BCD Tse Sweet Mandarin: the courageous true story of three generations of Chinese women
by Helen Tse. Read by Liz Sutherland. 6 discs. 6+ hours.

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