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More Than Just a Number

     Did you know over 23,000 of our residents have library cards?  We issue over 100 cards new cards a month; and in September known in library land as “card sign up month” and we traditionally sign up over 150 new members.  For several years the total number of members hovered at about 22,000, as people moved and new residents joined our community.  This year has seen a real increase in our membership; even with the growing popularity of eBooks people are more aware of the value, variety and vastness of our library’s collection.

     Some of you like to chat with us and we enjoy your comments as you use the Self-Checkouts or come up to the desk.  I was happy to tell the ‘speculative fiction’ librarian that a young man from another town said we had the best Sci-Fi collection in the county.  Another person from one of the county’s smaller libraries told me how much she loved the playaways and came here because of the depth of our collection.

     The “3 Mr. B’s” are three customers whose last names start with ‘B’ and are long time and frequent users.  Each one is so pleasant and always gives us a big hello and sometimes a little ribbing with a twinkle in their eye.  So many of you contribute to making our work day ejoyable by showing concern for our staff or recommending a book you read. Over the years we’ve shared news about college graduations, weddings and grandchildren. There were sad times too, but it all brings us closer together and enhances the library community.  More members are fine, but you are more than just a number to us. 

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