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Patron Code of Conduct

To ensure that all patrons of and visitors to (“patrons”) the New City Library are able to enjoy the facilities to the fullest extent, the Board of Trustees has adopted these rules and regulations concerning the library buildings, grounds and parking areas (the “premises”)

Entering the building and/or grounds of the New City Library signifies agreement with these rules and regulations. 

1. General Use

While on library premises, all patrons shall conduct themselves so that they will not interfere, by their actions or speech, with the rights of other library users.
a.  Patrons shall engage in activities associated with the use of a public library.
b.  Patrons shall comply with reasonable requests of the library staff.
c.   Patrons shall produce proper identification if requested by staff member. Failure or refusal to do so may result in immediate eviction. The library reserves the right to inspect the contents of any bag, knapsack, or briefcase that a patron wishes to bring into the library building or onto library grounds, including the parking lot.
d.  Reasonable quiet is expected, especially in designated study areas. Patrons shall not disturb others using the library.
e.  Patrons shall neither impede the orderly or efficient operation of the library nor engage in any illegal activity.
f.   Patrons shall not conduct any business or trade for profit.
g.  Patrons shall not carry weapons of any type.
h.  Misconduct such as the use of foul or threatening language and gestures, public drunkenness, drug usage, sale or exchange of alcohol or drugs, loud talking and laughing, running, pushing, and fighting, and other offensive behavior will result in expulsion from the building and suspension of library privileges.
i.   Other unacceptable library behavior includes sleeping, staring, stalking, soliciting, loitering, littering, and damaging property.
j.   Patrons are encouraged to report disruptive individuals to the staff.

2.  Entrances, Parking Lots and other Library Grounds:

a.  Americans with Disabilities Act:  Any patron who requires assistance entering, exiting or using the premises may call the main telephone line, or contact a staff member at the circulation desk, children’s reference desk, adult reference desk and audio visual circulation desk during regular business hours to obtain additional assistance.
b.  Staff work areas are restricted to library staff and authorized volunteers. Patrons shall not enter staff work areas without express invitation and permission from an authorized member of the library staff.
c.  Patrons shall not loiter in the library’s parking areas or at the entrances to the library.
d.  Vehicles may not be left unattended in the library parking lot when the library is closed.  [Such vehicles are subject to towing at owner’s expense]
e.   Skates, skateboards, sleds and other sports equipment may not be used on library property.

3.  Use of electronic devices:

a.  Cellular telephones:  Cellular telephones may not be used in the library building. 
b.  Pagers, “Blackberries” or other personal communication devices:  Any such devices must be set so as to be inaudible to other patrons and the library staff.
c.   Personal audio players (e.g. MP3 players, CD players, tape players, or any other type of audiovisual player) may be used only with headphones, and the volume must be inaudible to other patrons and to library staff.
d.  Personal computers:  Patrons using their own computers must comply with the library’s separate policy on use of computer and access to the Internet[1] as well as with the Patron Code of Conduct.
e.  Failure to comply with these rules, with or without the intent to disturb others, shall constitute annoying or harassing behavior, and may result in short- or long-term lost of library privileges.

4.  Harassment, in any form, directed at library customers or personnel will not be tolerated.  Harassment, abusive speech or action toward library staff or toward other patrons may result in short- or long-term loss of library privileges.  Harassment shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
a.  following  such  person  in  or about a public place or places or by engaging in a course of conduct or by repeatedly committing acts which places such person  in reasonable  fear  of  physical injury (NY Penal Law  240.25);
b.  striking, shoving, kicking or otherwise subjecting such  other  person to physical contact, or attempts or threats to do the same;
c.  engaging in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts  which  alarm  or  seriously  annoy  such other person and which serve no  legitimate purpose. (NY Penal Law 240.26).

5.  Food or beverage: 
Food and beverages are permitted only in designated areas of the library.

6.   Smoking:  Patrons may not smoke in the building, nor in the Children's Garden, nor within 100 feet of any entrance to the building.

7.   Use of Materials:  Education Law NYS 264 forbids the vandalism or defacement of library property, including materials such as books, videos, and audios.  A patron who vandalizes, steals, or destroys library materials, equipment or building components will forfeit all library privileges, and will be subject to financial liability for damages.

8.  Use of Equipment: 
Patrons may use the library’s equipment, including computers, for any activity associated with the use of a public library, in accordance with all other rules and regulations of the library.

9.  Distribution of materials: 
Handouts, flyers and other materials shall be distributed to the public or posted only with permission of an authorized member of the library staff.

10.  Animals:  No animals other than guide animals for the disabled are permitted.

11.  Attire: 
Patrons shall wear proper attire (including shirt and shoes).

12.  Unattended Children: 
The Library assumes no responsibility for the care and supervision of children. Parents or caregivers must supervise the behavior of their children. Children below the age of eight and children who require supervision must be with a caregiver at all times.

13.  Personal Property:  The library is not liable for lost or damaged personal property.

14.  Fines:   Patrons shall pay all fines imposed when they or their children return material late or damaged, or report it lost. Failure to pay these fines shall result in suspension of borrowing privileges.

Any patron who violates these rules and regulations shall be required to leave the library premises, and shall be denied the privilege of access to the library.  A patron whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed first by the Library Director and then by the New City Library’s Board of Trustees by addressing the Library Board of Trustees in writing.

(Library Board of Trustees, Oct. 26, 2006)

Education Law NYS 264

Injuries to Property

Whoever intentionally injures, defaces or destroys any property belonging to or deposited in any incorporated library, reading room, museum or other educational institution, shall be punished by imprisonment in a state prison for not more than three years, or in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(Formerly 266, L. 1947, c. 820; renumbered 264, L. 1950., c 273, 5.)