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New DVD Releases for April 28th

We have five new titles for Tuesday, April 28th.  They are:

Covert Affairs: Season 5 (TV Series)

Gambler, The (Drama - Mark Wahlberg)

Inherent Vice (Drama - Owen Wilson)

Suits: Season 4 (TV Series)

Wedding Ringer, The (Comedy - Kevin Hart)

Need for quiet

There needs to be a chat room for people who congregate and talk non-stop in groups.  This way they don't disturb people trying to read.  This is a very noisy library.  At Nyack Library you can hear a pin drop.

Today's public library is a center of the community, a place where neighbors, friends, and students meet whether by chance or appointment. The staff will enforce the patron code of conduct policy if conversation reaches a volume or duration that proves disruptive to fellow patrons, but we will not shush. 

We are one of the more busy libraries in the county.  Our patrons and staff are engaged, educated, and vibrant people who thrive on social interaction.  We'd hate to squash that.

May Events

Better Than Google

Remember the Rolodex? If you're no longer in the first flush of youth, you probably do.  It was a handy little tool for keeping track of what you needed to know, such as contact information, handy facts (e.g. the longitude and latitude of New City) and other things you needed to have at your finger tips. Of course, it was a useful little place for librarians to jot down and keep those important bits and pieces of miscellanea for ourselves and our colleagues.  Naturally, it had to be updated for currency.  One year, due to my neat handwriting, I was chosen for this important task.  While New City remains at the same location, other information had to be checked to make sure it was still correct.  I regret to say that I never finished my task and that was partly due to the arrival of the Internet.

New DVD Releases for April 21st

We have three new titles for Tuesday, April 21st.  They are:

Cake (Drama - Jennifer Anniston)

Maps To the Stars (Drama - Julianne Moore)

Taken 3 (Drama - Liam Neeson)

The Age of Love

Have you ever wondered how old the heroine is in that romance you're reading? 

In a historical romance, that's an easy question to answer: unless she's a widow or a spinster, she's probably under 25.  Historically, women were married off at a much younger age than they are today.  A Regency lady was considered "on the shelf" (no longer marriageable) by 25.  Medieval and Renaissance heroines are 18-plus only as a concession to modern sensibilities; the average medieval woman was already a mother by the age of 17.

But what about contemporaries?  I'm going to continue to use the age of marriage as a benchmark-- a contemporary romance doesn't have to end in a proposal, but it's still a pretty standard HEA ("Happily Ever After").  If New Adult romance heroines (18-24) are "younger than average," that would suggest that "average" is going to be 25 or older.  But how much older?  Do they track with the age of their readership? Older? Younger?

Rock the garden!!

Time to play in the dirt---or better yet -- help clean up and plant in the Children's Garden! Sign up at the children's desk by phone or in person. Our Garden Rockers Club registration is under way. The Clarkstown Garden Club ladies will be on hand to teach us about weeds and flowers and help us with the garden. Registration is open to families, kids, teens, seniors -- everybody who loves to dig in the dirt and see things grow. Our Spring meeting dates are Thursdays May 7 & 14 at 5:30, Saturday May 30 & Sunday May 31 at 2:00pm. Our Children's GardenTea Party will be June 5 & 6 from 2-4:00pm both days to thank our volunteers. Please join us!

Rock Out at Your Library for National Library Week

You may not know this, but libraries love parody videos! Check out just a few from around the country:

From Orange County library:

From Topeka Library:

And from the Nashville Library:

Coming in July


Atkins, Ace. The Redeemers.

Box, C.J. Badlands.

Brown, Holly. A Necessary End.

Coulter, Catherine. Nemesis.

Garwood, Julie. Wired.

Goodkind, Terry. The First Confessor.

Harbison, Beth. If I Could Turn Back Time.

Higgins Clark, Mary. Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories.

Hopkins, Ellen. Love Lies Beneath.

Jackson, Shirley. Let Me Tell You: New Stories, Essays, and Other Writings.

Jance, J.A. Stand Down: A Beaumont and Walker Novel.

Johansen, Iris & Roy Johansen. The Naked Eye.

Kava, Alex. Silent Creed.

McCall Smith, Alexander. The Novel Habits of Happiness: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel

Robinson, Kim Stanley. Aurora.

Silva, Daniel. The English Spy.

Taylor, Brad. The Insider Threat: A Pike Logan Thriller.

Coming in June


Bass, Jefferson. The Breaking Point: A Body Farm Novel.

Delinsky, Barbara. Blueprints.

Deveraux, Jude. Ever After: A Nantucket Brides Novel.

Finder, Joseph. The Fixer.

Frank, Dorothea Benton. All the Single Ladies.

Green, Jane. Summer Secrets.

Hilderbrand, Elin. The Rumor

Lindsey, Johanna. Wildfire in His Arms.

King, Stephen. Finders Keepers.

Meltzer, Brad. The President’s Shadow.

Patterson, James & Howard Roughan. Truth or Die.

Pratchett, Terry & Stephen Baxter. The Long Utopia.

Reich, Christopher. Invasion of Privacy.

Rollins, James. The Bone Labyrinth: A Sigma Force Novel.

Slaughter, Karin. The Truth About Pretty Girls.

Steel, Danielle. Country.

Quick, Matthew. Love May Fail.

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