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New Speculative Fiction for July 2009

In Science Fiction:

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey SF, CB, R
Conspirator by C. J. Cherryh (10, Foreigner) SF

July 2009 New Romance

In paperback:

Ashes of Midnight by Lara Adrian (6, Midnight Breed) C, S
Man of Fate by Rochelle Al

First Copyrighted Motion Picture

The Library of Congress recently posted the first copyrighted motion picture. Take a look at Edison sneezeing:


  • Aird, Catherine
  • Alber, Susan Wittig
  • Babson, Marian
  • Bannister, Jo
  • Barnard, Robert
  • Baxt, George
  • Beaton, M.

Legal Thrillers

  • Bernhardt, William
  • Brandon, Jay
  • Buffa, D. W.
  • Coughlin, William J.
  • Freedman, J.

Historical Fiction

  • Ackroyd, Peter
  • Auel, Jean
  • Bradshwaw, Gillian
  • Carr, Philippa
  • Chadwick, Elizabeth
  • Clavell, James
  • Cookson, Catherine
  • Coppell, Alfred

Civil War Novels

  • Bahr, Howard - Black Flower
  • Bahr, Howard - Year of Jubilo
  • Bass, Cynthia - Sherman's March
  • Batchelor, John Calvin - American Falls
  • Brown, Rita Mae - High Hearts
  • Burke, James Lee - White Doves at Morning
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