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Playing and Planning with Words

The New City Library is beginning the process of writing a five- year plan of service.   One important element is to look at the Library’s Mission and Vision Statements.   The Library’s current mission statement is five paragraphs long and contrary to current business practice of having something concise and easily known. In working with the staff of the New City Library, the new mission statement being proposed is:   ”The mission of the New City Library is to inspire ideas, enrich lives and create community”.   I would like to hear from you on this matter and would be interested in your opinion.

New Circulation Desk and Lobby

The Library’s latest remodeling project is nearing completion. Although we may begin limited use soon, the great unveiling and celebration is scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, March 16, 2010.

This renovation of the desk and front entrance will enhance your library experience in providing welcoming environment with the latest in technology.

Please watch the slide show below and join us on the 16th to see how it all works.

New Circulation Desk and Lobby

Lobby Under Construction

The Library’s latest remodeling project is customer focused in providing a new circulation desk and a new lobby.  The design incorporates a number of new and exciting concepts for customer service.  Drop off slots directly into the circulation office will be incorporated.  Self service holds will also be introduced and the latest technology in self checkout stations will be available.

This renovation is expected to take less than two months.  A temporary circulation desk has been set up in the reference area. Books can also be checked out at the A/V desk on the lower level.  Throughout the construction all services will be maintained

Short term pain...long term gain

New Steps at the New City Library If you have been to the library in recent weeks you know we are getting new front steps. The Library needed to close its front doors in order to complete this project in a timely manner.    Both doors are now open.   The steps will remain unavailable until the handrails are installed.  Please use the ramp and avoid spills by NOT walking through the flower bed. 

Also in laying new sidewalk, the drive through bookdrops were closed over the past weekend.  NO FINES WERE CHARGED on materials returned through Monday morning.  The library is sorry for the inconvenience and hopes you appreciate our beutiful new entrance.

Library Challenges

The library has met with several challenges lately that have hampered delivery of quality service.   On Saturday, October 25, during one of our more severe thunderstorms, the sump pump failed and staff were greeted the next morning with more than an inch of water in our lower level.  The only good news is that no materials were damaged. 

In a library environment it is critical that the water and moisture be addressed immediately.   The collection is the library’s most valuable asset.  Through having knowledgeable experienced staff, we were able to have a disaster recovery team onsite by Monday morning. 

Unfortunately, we needed to close the area, and the major part of the DVD collection, part of the non-fiction collection and our entire collection of science fiction, fantasy and horror are inaccessible.  It currently appears that the area will be opened up again on Monday or Tuesday.

Library Breaks all records in July

July was a record month for the Library.    All statistical measures exceed anything the library has done previously. Over 68,000 items were checked out.

  • Circulation was up 23.4% from June and up nearly 10% over July of last year.
    The number of New Cards issued was up 26%.
    Program Attendance is up 64% over the month of June and up 46% from July of last year.
    The number of volunteers increased 60% and the number of volunteer hours was up 330%.

Three Year Circulation Chart

The New City Library continues to grow as we strive to meet our customer's expections in the materials we buy and the quality of service the staff provides.  We thank all our customers for supporting us.





On-line registation is now available

With the new website the New City Library can now accept online registration applications for library cards.   

New On-line Registration

E-Book Downloads

A friend recently asked me, “Why libraries don’t provide eBooks for me to download”.  My response was simply that Libraries have been providing downloadable eBooks since the early 90s and that they really didn’t get used as much as expected other than with Teens.  The most popular downloads in my experience were Cliff Notes and books on computers.  Then he asked, “yeah but I want to

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